Cookie management policy

Cookie management policy

CAMPING DU BOIS HENRI IV (also referred to as “the company” or “we” in this policy) is an individual company, registered in the La Rochelle trade and companies register under number 401 672 092, whose head office is located CAMPING DU BOIS HENRI IV – Rte d’ars 17670 La Couarde-sur-mer France, intra-community VAT number : FR32401672092, SIRET : 40167209200038, phone : 05 46 29 87 01, email address: .

Its main activity is the rental of campsites and parks for caravans or recreational vehicles.

To learn more about our company, click here.

The company operates the website accessible to the public at the following UR L: (hereinafter the “Site” or the “Website”)

This Site aims to make available to Internet users (i.e. any natural or legal person who visits or uses this Site, hereinafter the “users” or “you”) information allowing them to discover the activity and the services offered by the company, as well as its news (events, publications, etc.).

It also offers functionalities and/or information allowing users to contact the company and presents the services offered by the company, the projects carried out by the latter and to come, or the team working on these projects.

It also allows you to purchase products related to the company’s activity.

LDuring your browsing and interactions on the Site, cookies, tags, pixels or other tracers or similar technologies (hereinafter “cookies”) may be installed on the user’s computer or terminal. subject to the choices and options that the latter will have expressed or may express at any time in accordance with this cookie management policy. The company only collects the operational cookie(s) to facilitate your navigation, communication and to respond to your request to purchase our products and in particular to keep your shopping cart in memory and to invoice you for the amount due for your purchases.

We do not transmit any of your data collected by cookies to third parties or third-party companies/partners, with the exception of technical service providers (in particular Airmob Digital, designer of the site and in charge of hosting).

Our cookie management policy explains what “cookies” mean and details the types of cookies we use on the Site. In a general context and for your information, it also specifies the rights you have regarding acceptance or refusal regarding the installation of cookies.

1. What is a cookie?

1.1 A cookie is a small information storage and retrieval file, generally consisting of alphanumeric characters (see letters and numbers), placed by a web server on the computer or electronic terminal of the user of the site to send status information to said browser and likewise obtain such information back from the browser. Status information can be for example a session ID, language, expiration date, response domain, etc.

1.2 Cookies usually make it possible to obtain certain information on the browsing habits of the user, their computer or their terminal, in particular in order to improve the content and the service offered by the website in question, to know the traffic of said site and to provide Internet users with personalized services.

1.3 The concept of cookies as used in this cookie management policy covers all types of trackers or other similar technologies, for example :
– HTTP cookies ;
– but also the use of other techniques: oles “local shared objects” (local shared objects) sometimes called “Flash cookies”; ole “local storage” implemented within HTML 5; o identifications by calculating the fingerprint of the terminal (“device fingerprinting”); o identifiers generated by the operating systems (whether advertising or not: IDFA, IDFV, Android ID, etc.); o hardware identifiers (MAC address, serial number or any other identifier of a device); oetc.

1.4 In any case, cookies may be :
– session cookies, which disappear as soon as the user leaves the browser ; or
– permanent cookies which remain until their lifespan or validity expires, or until the user deletes them using the functionalities of their browser for example or via the cookie management module made available on our Site.

2. What are the main “families” of cookies?

There are two main types (or categories) of cookies, subject to different legal regimes.

a) “Operational” cookies not subject to user consent

“Operational” cookies, that is to say those whose exclusive purpose is to enable or facilitate communication by electronic means on, from or to the Site or which are strictly necessary for the provision of a service. online communication at the express request of the user of the Site, are exempt from the need, for the publisher of the Site, to require the consent of the user for their installation.

The company may therefore use such “operational” cookies, in particular technical cookies essential for navigation on the Site and cookies strictly necessary for the provision of certain services explicitly requested by the user, without requesting prior consent from you. . If the user deactivates these “operational” cookies, for example by means of the functionalities offered by his browser, he risks not being able to access the Site, and/or not correctly receiving the content and information available on the Site and/or or not being able to benefit from all the features of the Site.

b) Other cookies, subject in principle to user consent

The use of other cookies as referred to below is subject in principle to the prior consent of the user, the latter being able to freely either accept them by expressly consenting to their installation and reading in their browser (it being specified that the latter will then have the possibility of withdrawing their consent at any time under the conditions and according to the modalities referred to in article 4 below), or refuse them.

To find out more about the details of the cookies used on the Site and the purposes pursued by them, the user is invited to consult article 3 below.

3. What cookies do we use and for what purposes?

We install on your device only so-called “operational” cookies to facilitate your navigation, communication and to respond to your request to purchase our products and in particular to remember your shopping basket and to invoice you for the amount. due for your purchases.

4. Our Site does not collect cookies subject to your consent

4.1 Hypotheses for obtaining consent, scope of your consent and exceptions

4.1.1 The placement of a cookie on a computer or terminal as well as the reading of this cookie via the Site are in principle subject to the consent of the user, that is to say to an expression of will free, specific, informed and unambiguous from the user giving their agreement to this purpose, and this separately for each purpose pursued by the cookies concerned. Our Site does not place cookies subject to your consent. If this were to be the case in the long term, we would collect your consent by means of a cookie management module (which would be accessible at the bottom of the page (see footer) from all the pages of our Site by clicking on the link “Module management of cookies”) under the conditions and according to the methods detailed below.

4.1.2 Exception to consent for so-called “functional” cookies used by our Site. Such cookies are not subject to your prior consent. Also, these cookies are installed by default when you browse the Site, without requesting prior consent from you. To the extent that these cookies are necessary to offer you a better user experience or to allow you to benefit from certain functionalities of our Site, we do not offer you dedicated technical means allowing you to oppose the installation of these cookies or to deactivate them. However, you have the possibility of deactivating them by other means, for example by means of the functionalities offered by your browser, it being specified that in this case you risk not being able to access the Site, and/or not receiving correctly the content and information available on the Site and/or not being able to benefit from all the features of the Site.

4.1.3 In general and for your information, we remind you that, to manage cookies to which you consent or not, you can use the possibilities below

a) Configuring your browser

If most browsers are configured by default and accept the installation of cookies, the user has the possibility, if he wishes, to choose in the settings of his browser to accept all cookies or to reject them systematically or yet to choose those which it accepts according to their transmitters (provided that this functionality is offered by its browser). The user can also regularly delete cookies from their terminal via their browser.

In any case, these operations must be carried out for each terminal: tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.

You can therefore freely configure your browsing software (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc…) so that cookies are :
 – accepted and recorded on your computer or terminal: in this case the cookies integrated into the pages and content that you have consulted will be systematically recorded ;
 – refused: in this case, the cookies integrated into the pages and content you have viewed will not be recorded ;
 – subject each time to a choice on your part: in this case, the recording of cookies will be subject each time to your acceptance or refusal.

To configure your choices for accepting or refusing cookies, it is necessary to take into account the configuration of each browser, as it is different and changes regularly. You must therefore refer to the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your wishes in terms of cookies. As examples :

– For more information on the Google Chrome browser : ;

– For more information on the Firefox browser : and

– For more information on the Internet Explorer browser :;

– For more information on the Safari browser : and;

– For more information on Edge browser :;

– For Opera™ : and

Finally, it is clear that in the current state of technology, browsers :
– do not all allow cookies to be distinguished according to their purposes (which means that you are often forced when configuring your choices to “accept all” or “refuse all”) ;
-do not all allow the user to express the manifestation of valid consent (which results in the fact that despite your possible consent to cookies via your browser, we will ask you for specific consent again under the conditions and according to the methods mentioned above before any installation/reading by us of cookies subject to your consent) ;
– do not all allow you to express a choice on technologies other than “cookies for navigation tracking purposes” in the strict sense of the term. Also, it is possible that certain cookies, trackers or other similar technologies are not blocked in principle (e.g. devicefingerprinting) and can still be installed and/or activated despite your refusal expressed as part of your browser settings.

5. Where can you obtain additional information regarding the processing of your personal data?

Cookies do not, as such, constitute personal data. However, they may lead to the collection of information classified as personal data and therefore the processing of such data.

In this regard, you are also informed that by consenting to the installation of all or part of the cookies, you consent for the purposes concerned to the processing of personal data concerning you collected by this means, it being specified that such processing may involve processing, combining and cross-referencing a significant volume of such data about you from various sources.

For all information relating to the processing of your personal data by the company, in particular the processing of personal data collected using cookies integrated into our Site, we invite you to consult our “personal data protection policy” .


Date of last update: February 14, 2024